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Why Sell Your Property ByThe Auction Method ?

Professional Services:

  • Lindstrand Auctions Ltd. combines the expertise ofboth the ProfessionalAuctioneer and Real EstateProfessionals.
  • Auctioning a property is considered one of the mostrespected methods of selling property.

Market Price:

  • The market price of a property isestablished by the bidding process wth the expertise of theProfessional Auctioneer and thewell-informed Buyer.
  • Prospective Buyers can place their own price on the property,consequently their presence and bids at theAuction creates keen competition.


  • An opportunity to bring interested Buyers and Sellers together in one location.
  • You can limit your open house days. No suprise visits and noadditional days for your convienience.


  • Selling your property thru the Auction Method can expand the qualified buying audience with its highly intense markething campaign.
  • Detailed photos of impending properties for sale by Auction will be viewable onour website for an even greater market exposure.

Effective Strategy:

  • Selling your property thru Auction influences people to take action on aproperty.

    Bidders are Cash Buyers:

  • The successful Bidder enters into a purchase contract immediately after the fall of the hammer.
  • Variety of Property:

    • We can Auction any type of property from farms,residential, commercial, acreages, estates, divorcesettlements, insurance properties, and foreclosures.


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