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Since 1969 Lindstrand Auctions has conducted over 3500 farm auctions across Alberta, and helped thousands of people make a successful transition to retirement.  Proven success in Auctions has earned our team a solid reputation in the farm auction business.  Auctions are our business solely, and we are committed to our customers overall satisfaction & success of their auction. 
Big or small we sell them all new or old we can assist you into turning your assets into cash!  We would be happy to inspect your equipment & give you a fair market evaluation you can count on.  We can offer you a variety of choices including conducting your auction at your location,  or at our 45 acre first class facility.

From start to finish Lindstrand Auctions will make sure that your auction will be the most professionally handled in all of Western Canada. We understand that a lifetimeís work is being sold in one day.  We take this to heart knowing that every dollar realized is hard earned. 
Our advertising campaign is a big part of Lindstrand Auctions success.   Distribution our spring catalogue to over 140,000 farmers in Alberta & Saskatchewan along with Newspaper,  Radio & Internet ads & attractive Color Sale Bills,  bring the crowds & produce the results.  Our auction flyer and sale bills have taken top awards in the Alberta auction industry numerous times.  Click Here to see more
We have proven track record and a strong commitment to being the most Experienced Professional Auction Company in the business.

Go With Experience

We donít buy auctions.    Lindstrand Auctions conducts them. 
We feel that your lifetimes work should be yours to keep.

You  donít  need  a  guarantee  to  have  a  successful  sale.  A  strong advertising  campaign  and  a  knowledgeable  experienced  auction  company will  bring  you  the  same  results  with  out  paying  the  high  commission charged  for  a  guaranteed  auction.  Think  about  this  when  you  are contemplating  having  an  auction  company  guarantee  your  auction: 
They are Not going to lose money when they achieve your guarantee,
so there is No Risk to Them.  They however, will profit hugely when they surpass the guarantee.

This large profit could have been in your pocket. 

Our Fleet
We have a first class professional auction company, and we take pride in our auction equipment.  Our fleet includes 3 mobile sound trucks, 2 portable office trailers, portable washrooms, and the latest in computer technology.

Proven Success
Thinking of having a farm auction?   Find  out why  we are the farmers choice when  it comes to  farm  auctions!  Having  conducted over 3500 farm auctions since 1969, we  are confident  we can  bring you  the results  many farmers have come to rely  on.
Sale Day


Clerking wireless from our sound trucks to our offices, we provide a detailed computerized printout of your property sold the day of your auction !   Our auctioneers are fast paced and have worked as a team for many years together.  Together our auctioneers and office staff work together to maximize your return on your investment on sale day.


Our Committment to You


In most sports, a high-quality and cohesive team can, and does, make all the difference between success and failure.  Only with all the right people on the team, each in the proper position, will the team ultimately prove successful and be able to rise above their competition.
We are a hard working, efficient team of Alberta Auctioneer professionals
and will work hard to exceed your expectations!
We are a Full Service Auction Company,
 and Look forward to Serving You
Successful Auctions Don't Just Happen ...  They're Planned
 If you are planning an auction, whether it be now or in the future,
 call Lindstrand Auctions Ltd and find out why
 We are the Farmers Choice when it comes to Alberta Auctioneers.
  Please feel free to contact us anytime
 to discuss your auction needs. 
 For more information on our services please call our office at  
  (780) 672-8478  

 to speak to one of our representatives

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