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Lindstrand Auctions Ltd  provides qualified personal property appraisals
and consulting services  for the purpose of:
  •      INSURANCE 
  •     ESTATE
  •     PROBATE
  •     RESALE
  • Lindstrand Auctions provides appraisals on all types of machinery, equipment and inventories.  We offer written, professionally designed appraisals.  We are members of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group providing accurate evaluations of a company’s assets.  Appraisals are critical to corporations, lenders, lawyers and insurance companies.  Our teams of appraisal experts have earned a reputation for accuracy, rapid response, and delivering solid and reliable appraisals. 
    Our clients – public and private corporations, financial institutions, receivers and trustees in bankruptcy; rely on our experienced appraisals to accurately value assets for financing, disposals, insurance, merger and acquisition purposes.   They expect and receive solid reliable appraisals.  Assets can include machinery, equipment, consumer products, industrial inventories, as well as land and buildings.

    Lindstrand Auctions provides two types of appraisals:
    Forced Sale Value(FSV) is an opinion of the estimated value at a well advertised and conducted public auction held under forced sole conditions and under present day economic trends.
    FAIR MARKET VALUE (FMV) is an opinion of the estimated value between a willing seller and a willing buyer with equity to both, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell and both parties fully aware of all relevant facts.
    We're Here to Assist You
    Whether you are insuring precious family heirlooms settling and estate, considering a public sale of your assets, or donating your property to a charity, Lindstrand Auctions Ltd. can assist you with a formal qualified appraisal.  A qualified appraisal can reduce your financial risk by providing an informed and unbiased opinion of your valuable personal property.
    The appraisal process begins with consultation, which is used to determine the client’s specific requirements.  An appointment is then scheduled so we may personally examine the clients’ personal property and determine which items should be appraised.  We identify the appropriate market level in which the property is most commonly bought and sold.  We also conduct the necessary market research to determine the value of comparable items, analyze the data and report our value conclusions in a written appraisal report that contains a thorough description, history of ownership, and value of the appraised property.

    Antiques, family heirlooms, art objects and collectables can valuable assets..  Unfortunately, most people rely on their homeowners insurance for protection against losses.  Many are unaware that their policies usually exclude :  Antiques, Coin Collections, Furs, and  fine art objects.  To ensure complete Replacement Cost Coverage,  you should have your personal property appraised by a qualified appraiser.
    We specialize in providing appraisals for purposes of Insurance Replacement often required in claims involving loss, moving damage, theft, damage or destruction from : fire, smoke or flood.
    Many clients are unaware that the personal property of an estate must be inventoried and valued during the probate process.   This requires the services of a qualified appraiser who must provide a value of the estate’s contents as of the date of the descendants’ death.  If this is not done in a timely fashion, the estate may be rejected by the court system.
    We are experienced in providing legal appraisals for the purposes of estate settlement and probate and can assist you or your personal representative in their obligations involving Federal tax liability.
    Preparing and managing a civil divorce can be a complicated and difficult procedure.  Laws differ from province to province, but each partner is often entitled to some portion of all matrimonial property distribution of marital assets requires a careful description and valuation of furniture, accessories, jewelry, antiques and other household items.  We can help by providing a careful inventory and accurate appraisal of your commonly held personal property.  Your lawyer will receive a thorough, objective report that meets the standard and guidelines of the uniform standards of professional appraisals practice and satisfies the requirements of court ordered equitable distribution.
    If you’re considering making a tax deductible, non cash charitable contribution or need to file a casualty loss claim, we can assist you with a federal tax appraisal.  We follow Revenue Canada’s strict requirements regarding the submission of formal appraisals from a qualified appraiser.
    The Appraisal Process  
    An Appraisal is an unbiased opinion of value of an identified property as of a specific date.  It begins with a consultation, usually by telephone to understand the clients intended use of the report.  The use of the appraisal report determines the appropriate value being sought.

    After physical inspection and evaluation of the property appropriate markets are researched.  The document is then prepared continuing a thorough inventory of the property, complete with photographs, which describes the value conclusions drawn from the market analysis.

    Personal property appraisals are conducted for estate, probate, insurance purposes, equitable distribution marital and business dissolution, lease buy outs, cost allocation, resale and liquidation.  Our intent is to provide our clients with accurate unbiased third-party valuations specific to their need.

    Our appraisers hold memberships in the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group and adhere to the ethical principles and procedure prescribed by the UNIFORM Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

    CPPAG accredited, we pride ourselves on providing prompt, reliable values and personal service.  Our clients include businesses, law firms, insurance agencies, farmers, and private collectors.


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